Kelly Brisbois

  • What I do, where I work

  • My foundation is in oral history and intergenerational projects for history museums. I approach oral history projects on multiple levels, including cross cultural perspectives into shared pasts. This approach is reflected in my website, oralhistoryeducation.com. I’ve curated two exhibitions for the Marin History Museum that incorporated oral history in both exhibit development and education programming that stimulates community participation. I am currently working on a cross cultural look into the history of race and reconciliation through an intergenerational project with high school students in the U.S. and South Africa.


  • Director of Education at Marin History Museum


  • Invention At Play

    Invention At Play


    by Kelly Brisbois Published July 27 2009

    Invention At Play: The story of American invention Look around, whether you are at home or work (or elsewhere using your portable web enabled device). Virtually every thing you can see and touch was invented by someone. I learned how the...