Justine Roberts

  • What I do, where I work

  • Executive Director, Children’s Museum of New Hampshire


  • Education staff at Bay Area Discovery Museum

  • Senior Producer at LeapFrog, Inc.

  • Producer at Scholastic Interactive

  • Trustee at 826 Boston

  • Principal at Gyroscope, Inc.


Recent publications & presentations

  • "Emerging Trends in Children's Museums: Types of Play."   Informal Learning Review

    April 2010

  • Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Case Study

    by Justine Roberts Published September 30 2010

    Lookout Cove, a 2-acre outdoor exhibit and the largest exhibit at BADM, was part of a larger redesign of the Museum to realize a new conceptual framework: My Place By The Bay. There was huge potential with this exhibit for a number of reasons. (1)...

  • Skyline


    Case Study

    by Justine Roberts Published March 27 2010

    SKYLINE is a 2,500 square-foot exhibit designed to engage families in social learning. The activity in the exhibit is free-form construction using pre-drilled wooden struts and triangular braces, real nuts and bolts, and pieces of fabric with lined...

  • Underland



    by Justine Roberts Published February 15 2011

    The outdoor exhibit space in Providence strikes me as a real challenge. It is long and narrow, wrapping around the corner of the building in an L. It is sandwiched between the building and the parking lot without much buffer - no break of trees for...

  • Discover Children's Story Center

    Discover Children's Story Center


    by Justine Roberts Published January 18 2011

    Discover Stratford in the UK is a gem of a museum. It is organized around the concept of storytelling and it contains a series of environments to stimulate role play, imaginative and fantasy play, dress up and prop making. There is an outdoor area as...

  • Belize Zoo

    Belize Zoo


    by Justine Roberts Published January 10 2011

    In Belize many of the environment education and exhibition projects are the project of a private business or (often) expat American or Canadian. The Botanic Gardens, Butterfly Houses, Natural History Museum, Iguana Breeding and Education Center, and...

  • Paper Making/Recycling

    Paper Making/Recycling


    by Justine Roberts Published September 28 2010

    For years I have had a memory of a creative studio space where kids could shred and pulp old newspapers, mix the results with water, and then use gobs of it to create paper pucks stamped with embossed images. So I was thrilled to stumble upon the...

  • Who Am I?

    Who Am I?


    by Justine Roberts Published July 03 2010

    Wow. This new exhibit is beautiful, fun, surprising, sophisticated, and cool. The room itself is divided into 5 main areas. The entry experience is a giant wall and floor filled with falling multicolored digital confetti. As you get closer the...

  • The Mill City Museum

    The Mill City Museum


    by Justine Roberts Published May 17 2010

    The Mill City Museum may be small but it packs a big punch. It is dense, fascinating and highly effective. The massive former industrial General Mills mill ran from 1880-1965. After 25 years sitting empty, it burned down in 1991. Today’s museum...

  • Guinness Storehouse

    Guinness Storehouse


    by Justine Roberts Published April 08 2010

    Dublin is still a very low city so the 7-story tall Guinness Storehouse has a terrific view. They are well aware of this. In fact, the culminating moment in any visit to the factory museum is the Gravity Bar where visitors exchange the token they...

  • Storyville



    by Justine Roberts Published March 08 2010

    Storyville is not all that different from many children’s museums. It is a sweet little exhibit that harnesses the power of kids’ imaginations and solicits spontaneous storytelling and character development. The space consists of a series of...

  • Riveropolis



    by Justine Roberts Published February 20 2010

    I return to Riveropolis again and again as a point of reference and inspiration. Strictly speaking, Riveropolis is a temporary water feature by artist Gregory Gavin. What makes it charming and special is that the sculpture is actually co-created by...

  • You Art What You Eat: Food As Art Material

    You Art What You Eat: Food As Art Material


    by Justine Roberts Published January 06 2010

    Mass MoCA is about 3 hours from where I live and I travel with three small children, so it takes a compelling show to get me there. You Art What You Eat: Food as Art Material in Kidspace, the museum’s hands-on family gallery, did not disappoint. The...

  • Klima X

    Klima X


    by Justine Roberts Published October 31 2008

    Deep inside the relatively traditional National Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine in Oslo is the truly surprising and powerful exhibit experience: Klima X. Visitors begin in an ante-room where they trade their walking shoes for tall yellow...

  • Turning The Pages

    Turning The Pages


    by Justine Roberts on March 24, 2010

    Touch any book you want, and make any paper document available to the public in a robust form appropriate for unfacilitated exploration. That is the promise of this fabulous technology pioneered by...

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