Josh Gutwill

  • What I do, where I work

  • I’m the acting Director of Visitor Research and Evaluation at the Exploratorium. I oversee the research and evaluation studies we conduct of visitors using and learning from our exhibits. I’m interested in using research and evaluation methods to help create opportunities for visitors to engage in self-directed inquiry in science museum settings. I’ve been at the Exploratorium for 10 years.

  • Current position

  • Acting Director of Visitor Research and Evaluation at Exploratorium

Earlier positions

  • Project Director at Exploratorium

  • Senior Researcher at Exploratorium

  • Director of Assessment at UC Berkeley Chemistry Dept.


Recent publications & presentations

  • "Challenging a Common Assumption of Hands-on Exhibits: How Counterintuitive Phenomena Can Undermine Inquiry."   Journal of Museum Education


  • "Research in Museums: Coping with Complexity."   In Principle, In Practice: Museums as Learning Institutions


  • "Labels for open-ended exhibits: Using questions and suggestions to motivate physical activity."   Visitor Studies


  • "Designing science museum exhibits with multiple interactive features: five common pitfalls."   Curator


  • "Gaining visitor consent for research II: Improving the posted-sign method."   Curator