John Chiodo

  • What I do, where I work

  • Interpretive + Experience Design: I conceptualize and design encounters for diverse audiences that incorporate thematic environments with advanced media systems.

    I’m currently a design consultant mainly working in Pacific Asia developing concepts for new museum and visitor enter projects.


  • Director of Design at Academy Studios

  • Senior Designer at Portico Group

Recent publications & presentations

  • "Museums Remixed."   Exhibitionist

    October 2007

  • "Getting on the Map."   Museum Design and Function

    November 2004

  • "Out of the United States of Mind."   Exhibitionist

    October 2004

  • "A Sense of Place, Employing Placemaking in Exhibit Design."   Exhibitionist

    April 2001

  • "Setting the Stage for Meaningful Exhibits."   Exhibitionist

    October 1999