Jodie Dinapoli

  • What I do, where I work

  • Jodie Dinapoli is a museum educator at cultural manager currently working at El Museo Del Barrio in New York. She has previously held the position of Director of Education & Public Engagement at the nonprofit arts organization No Longer Empty, where for six years, she contributed to shape the organization´s cultural and educational vision, philosophy and programs. Passionate about art and its connection with the public, Jodie has devoted 15 years to the field of art and education through the creation of exhibitions, teaching and developing initiatives that foster exchange and the creation of culture between different backgrounds and experiences, specifically the Latino and American. With Spanish and American backgrounds, embracing a sense of belonging that balances different cultures and empowering individuals to confidently live such life experience is her passion. Jodie is currently finishing the Master´s in Leadership in Museum Education at Bank Street College of Education. She is also a Kress Fellow in Museum Education.

  • Current position

  • Museum Educator at El Museo del Barrio

Earlier positions

  • Director of Education & Public Engagement at No Longer Empty

  • Curator at Insituto Cervantes

  • Curator at Art Museum of The Americas

  • Arts & Culture Administrator at The Line Between