Joanna Fisher

  • What I do, where I work

  • Independant museum professional: a project manager of exhibitions and building projects with a focus on Experience and Interpretive Planning and Exhibit development.


  • Director of Exhibits at Discovery Gateway

  • Exhibits Manager at The Children's Museum of Utah

  • Education Specialist at Hansen Planetarium


  • More about me

  • I am an advocate for using good planning and good principles to find ways to make the visitors experiences and the exhibitions they visit better.

Recent publications & presentations

  • "Playing Up Visitor Experience."   Westmuse

    Fall 2007

  • Lehi Sugar Factory, Wild West Room, Native American Room

    Lehi Sugar Factory, Wild West Room, Native American Room


    by Joanna Fisher Published June 23 2010

    A group of Exhibit people from different museums within about an hour of Salt Lake City (Joanna Fisher, Mark Ellis, David Stroud, Sandy Inman, and Tammy Spicer) have decided to improve our professional practice by using the Judging Exhibitions...

  • Destination Argentina

    Destination Argentina


    by Joanna Fisher Published April 19 2010

    Visits by Joanna Fisher, Lisa Thompson, Dawn Farkas, Tim Lee, Blake Wigdahl, Mark Ellis, David Stroud, Wendy Aston, Sandy Inman, Tammy Spicer and Carolyn Crowley. Between Feb 9- Apr 13 This is a group of Exhibit people from about 5 different museums...

  • Giant Marimba

    Giant Marimba


    by Joanna Fisher on April 08, 2010

    This is a real Marimba at Discovery Gateway in SLC, UT, but it applies all 7 of the characteristics of family learning as identified in the PISEC study. And it really works -- Family groups and different...

  • Photo of Ike Potter

    Photo of Ike Potter


    by Joanna Fisher on June 23, 2010

    Like many historical societies, Summit County Historical has old portraits on the wall. I am usually left wondering why these people were significant enough to have their picture in the museum. I loved...

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