Jeanne Vergeront

  • What I do, where I work

  • Vergeront Museum planning where I do strategic planning and education planning; work with museums on community and civic engagement and institutional and professional development. I enjoy working with museums at all stages of development: starting up, expanding or reinventing themselves. I have a particular interest in the convergence of a museum’s strategic and learning interests. I also am interested in how the ideas of the educators in Reggio Emilia (Italy) can work in museums.


  • Vice President- Exhibits and Education at Minnesota Children's Museum

  • Co-founder at Madison Children's Museum


  • Forces at Play

    Forces at Play


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published September 17 2016

    Museums use the word engaged in describing visitors wholeheartedly involved with activities. They are engaged when they try different features of a component, repeat actions and add variations, show others what to do, talk about what they are doing, or...

  • Galvin Physics Forest

    Galvin Physics Forest


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published January 21 2014

    On a recent Saturday afternoon in January, the Galvin Physics Forest at Kidspace Children’s Museum (Pasadena, CA) was full of families with children of all ages, from babies in backpacks and strollers to “big” kids 9 or 10 years; in adult-child...

  • Explore Yellowstone

    Explore Yellowstone


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published August 17 2012

    Museums often create and offer what they consider gateway experiences. These are experiences that open doors to a museum and its collections, to foundational ideas, or to new places and adventures. Explore Yellowstone at the Museum of the Rockies...

  • Wonder Years: The Science of Early Childhood Development

    Wonder Years: The Science of Early Childhood Development


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published July 10 2011

    Wonder Years: The Story of Early Childhood Development, an exhibition from the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) should be in a mall. I mean that in a good way and as a sincere compliment. The exhibition presents the science of young children’s...

  • TapeScape



    by Jeanne Vergeront Published April 28 2011

    ‘Who would think to build something like that?’ That’s what Eric Lennartson thought when he saw a photograph of a sculpture in a weekly e-mail from an architecture magazine. Eric is an architect in Mankato (MN) and on the board of the emerging...

  • Geometry Playground

    Geometry Playground


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published February 27 2011

    Geometry Playground is unusual in at least two respects. First, it focuses on math, a topic that is underrepresented in museum exhibits. Second, it’s a traveling exhibition committed to integrating a highly experiential approach. Produced by the...