Javier Pes

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  • Editor of Museum Practice magazine, published quarterly by the Museums Association, UK online and in print.

    That means I review new museums or outstanding old ones.


  • Editor at Museums Association


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  • Museum journalist, former curator and recently one of the judges for the European Museum of the Year Prize. So always on the look out for new/innovative/excellent museums and their exhibits to include in the magazine or commission a how-to article around.

  • BMW Museum Media Walls

    BMW Museum Media Walls


    by Javier Pes Published May 28 2009

    Innovative use on a large (and expensive) scale of LED lights behind opaque glass at the new BMW Museum, Munich. Museums of transport often seemed designed so that visitors can admire the beauty of the engineering and absorb the technical data:...

  • Willy Brandt Haus audio cards

    Willy Brandt Haus audio cards


    by Javier Pes Published May 22 2009

    Willy Brandt was the chancellor of West Germany, mayor of Berlin during the Berlin Airlift and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971. The German statesman’s eventful life and many achievements are chronicled in the Willy Brandt Haus, a...