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by John Moser

Published on February 23, 2010 , Modified on May 25, 2010

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    Sometimes a single exhibit or experience can change a life. For me, going to Washington, D.C., at age 12 and seeing the sculpture “Infinity” by José de Rivera in front of the National Museum of American History provided a powerful inspiration that led to a life-long interest in object making and the power of objects and spaces in the human experience.

    I had a wonderful time at the museum that day, but made no conscious connection between this sculpture and American history. I don’t really think making the connection was important. I was very energized by my experience with the sculpture. Something undefinable about the strange curves and loops of the sculpture really captured my attention. The energy and enthusiasm of this inspiration carried over to the entire museum experience. It also continued after I returned home and started reading about Möbius strips and building paper models of them.

    Years later, I followed this inspiration with a degree in sculpture and a career in museum exhibit making. These days, I revisit “Infinity” whenever I can. I took the photo here on a recent trip. As my introduction to this group, I just thought I’d mention how important an icon or a single discrete experience can be for a museum visitor.

    I’m looking forward to returning to this website and group often!

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by Allison Leake - February 26, 2010

As an employee of the Smithsonian who visits its DC museums fairly regularly, this is also one of my favorite pieces.

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