Haydn Shaughnessy

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am involved in the design of virual museums that liberate galleries and museum collections from the constraints of physical space. At the same time they allow visitors wider access they do so at extremely low cost. I place the emphasis on introducing solid design values to virtual spaces.

  • Current position

    • Head of New Media at Depo

    • Freelance journalist and film maker at

Earlier positions

  • Advisor, Digitisation programme at Dutch Academy of Science and Arts


Recent publications & presentations

  • "Virtual Museums and Galleries."   Brief presentation to the Irish Contemporary Arts Society

    February 2008

  • Ten Cubed

    Ten Cubed

    Case Study

    by Haydn Shaughnessy Published February 26 2008

    We set out to create an exhibition space in a virtual environment that brought real life design values - ie the form would in some way improve the functionality - into the virtual world. We wanted a virtual exibition space that clearly worked in some...