George Buss

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am the Director of Experience and Education at Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie IN. In my role, I serve as a key member of the exhibit development team.

    In particular, I review the objects and stories in our collection to develop relevant and powerful exhibits and programs for our audiences. At Minnetrista, I worked to produce two seperate exhibits, “Can It!” and "She Can” to showcase our core collection of historic Ball Jars to tell the story of the men and women who’s lives were touched by this utilitarian and seemingly ordinary object.

  • Current position

  • Director of Experience and Education at Minnetrista

Earlier positions

  • Public Programs Manager at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

  • President at International Museum Theater Alliance


  • Curiosity Connection

    Curiosity Connection


    by George Buss Published January 19 2009

    If there was any doubt what topic the State Museum of Pennsylvania focuses its energies on, the question is dispelled fifteen feet before the granite and glass entrance in the form of a scaled map of the state embedded in the sidewalk. I could walk...