Eric Siegel

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  • Director and Chief Content Officer. Lead all content development(education, exhibits, science, technology) and planning


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  • Eric Siegel is Director and Chief Content Officer at the New York Hall of Science. He leads the education, programs, exhibitions, science, and technology departments at the Hall of Science and is responsible for strategic planning and partnerships. He led the planning and institutional fundraising for the $92 million expansion completed in 2004, as well as directing the development of 4 major exhibitions. Eric has been in senior roles in art and science museums for 25 years and has consulted and published extensively in the museum field. He President of the National Association for Museum Exhibitions; On the graduate faculty of NYU’s Museum Studies and ITP programs; Board Member of SolarOne, an urban environmental organization in NYC; and past Chairman of the Museums Council of New York City. Eric graduated from the CORO Leadership New York program, and holds an MBA in arts administration from SUNY Binghamton.

  • Talk To Me

    Talk To Me


    by Eric Siegel Published November 06 2011

    Paola Antonelli, who created Talk to Me at MOMA, broadcasts on a different channel than I can pick up with my antennae. Her last exhibition at MOMA, "Design and the Elastic Mind" infuriated me because of its self-congratulatory tone, its incoherence,...

  • Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

    Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty


    by Eric Siegel Published June 19 2011

    I went with my wife and college-aged daughter to this extremely popular exhibition on a Sunday afternoon. There was an hour long wait to get in, with a line threading through the 19th century galleries. The audience was diverse in age and...

  • Math Midway

    Math Midway


    by Eric Siegel Published February 20 2010

    The New York Hall of Science is hosting Math Midway, a new exhibition developed by the Math Factory, a group led by Glen Whitney that is planning a math museum in the region. I first saw components of the exhibition outdoors at the World Science...

  • Anish Kapoor

    Anish Kapoor


    by Eric Siegel Published August 16 2008

    We took a gallery walk through Chelsea this past week. The dog days of august are considerably more active than they used to be in the City, I guess with all the tourists and "staycation"ers. We saw some great stuff, but the standout was a small...

  • Bolinas Wildlife Gallery

    Bolinas Wildlife Gallery


    by Eric Siegel Published August 27 2007

    We just spent a week in Bolinas, CA a sleepy little town that time forgot in West Marin, 30 miles from SF as the crow flies, 1.5 hour drive from the City, and about 40 years back from SF in subjective historical time. It is, to put it gently, stuck in...

  • Mind



    by Eric Siegel Published August 27 2007

    We visited Explo with four kids ranging in age from 8-16. For two of them (our kids, 15 y/o twin girls), it was their first visit to the Exploratorium. Unprompted, the 15 y/o girls described MIND as their favorite exhibition. This is in the midst of...

  • "ring of fire" in math midway

    "ring of fire" in math midway


    by Eric Siegel on February 06, 2010

    this is very cool. It is a 4 foot or so diameter ring, with four red laser leds set in every 90 degrees. A kind of horizontal splitter is installed over each laser led. This creates a thin plane...