Eric Leyland

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am the principal of Design Management Services. I work as a consultant and Design Manager on design based projects such as museum and exhibit design, multi-media installations and interactive experiences. Currently I am in Mumbai India working for Lord Cultural Resources project managing the design, fabrication and installation of a new museum in Patna, India. Prior to this I was working in Beijing managing an international team of designers working on a new children’s museum in Shenyang, China.

    For the past couple of years I have taken a bit of a hiatus to travel around the world with my wife. We’ve had the good fortune to explore Central America including Havana, Cuba, some of the southern countries surrounding the Mediterranean including Morocco and most recently India and Southeast Asia. Now it’s back to work.

    Prior to all this travel I was hired as the project manager for the multi-media gallery in the BC pavilion for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, Canada. And before all that I was an associate at AldrichPears Associates in Vancouver, BC, Canada, at the time a 40 person exhibit design firm designing museums, science centers and doing interpretive planning all over the world.


  • Project Manager at Bruce Mau Design

  • Studio Director at AldrichPears Associates


  • More about me

  • I have a Degree in Industrial Design and 30 years experience planning, managing, and overseeing design-based projects from inception to delivery. I’ve come to the conclusion that spending time having memorable experiences around the world is more important than everything else so I’m often trekking through a jungle, scuba diving off a coral reef or just searching for the perfect sandy beach.

  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History

    Oxford University Museum of Natural History


    by Eric Leyland Published August 01 2011

    If you get to Oxford England be sure to visit the Oxford University Museum of Natural History The building was designed by Thomas Newenham Deane and Benjamin Woodward and built between 1855 and 1860. It is a wonderful example of neo-Gothic...

  • Living Foods

    Living Foods


    by Eric Leyland Published July 05 2011

    How often do we walk out of an exhibit disappointed that the opportunity to tell a great story has been lost? It may be well put together, with lots of artefacts or pictures, a film that delivers a first person account and text panels with lots of...

  • Discovery Rooms

    Discovery Rooms


    by Eric Leyland on September 13, 2013

    Hi all; I'm looking for reference images of children's Discovery Rooms. I need these to explain to the client in India who has never seen one what these exhibits are, how they work and most importantly...

  • telescopes for children's museums

    telescopes for children's museums


    by Eric Leyland on July 03, 2015

    Hi; I'm working on a Children's Museum in India and need some help finding either a supplier or plans for a robust telescope that we can install. This is inside the gallery so doesn't have to withstand...

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