Emily Robertson

  • What I do, where I work

  • I work for Exhibits at the Museum of Science, Boston. I’m the Assistant Project Manager on a number of exhibit projects, both permanent and traveling, all sizes and shapes and visitor experiences. I’ve also compiled technical/installation manuals for two of our exhibitions (which I recommend doing for anyone who has never done this, it’s an incredible learning experience). I’m a strong advocate for Universal Design in the visitor experience, and am always looking for ways to encourage a better experience for all. We need more Universally Designed exhibitions.

  • Current position

  • Assistant Project Manager, Exhibits at Museum of Science, Boston

Earlier positions

  • Exhibit Developer at Museum of Science, Boston


  • More about me

  • I’m also a voice over artist both inside and outside of the Museum. I’ve recorded for over a dozen exhibitions produced either by us or by other institutions. I do recordings for a variety of exhibit applications, including audio descriptions, narration, wayfinding, and characters. I provided narration and character voices that brought to life “Human or Machine” an interactive (part of our show Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination) that received a 2006 Muse Awards honorable mention.