Ellen Williams

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am an education consultant at the Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY. I am also a board member for Wings WorldQuest, a non-profit organization that supports women explorers.


  • Director of Education at Fairfield Historical Society

  • Director of Education at Worcester Science Center

  • Program coordinator, Special Projects at American Museum of Natural History

  • Peggy Preheim: Little Black Book

    Peggy Preheim: Little Black Book


    by Ellen Williams Published December 16 2008

    Vast expanses of white greet the visitor to the Peggy Preheim: Little Black Book exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (through Feb. 9, 2009) - - 20’ white walls, white frames, off-white mat board, white paper. An occasional black leather...