Dr Rock's Lost Gallery

Topic: Earth & Space Sciences Subtopic: Earth Structure

Case Study

of an Exhibit

by Mark Magidson

Published on February 05, 2010, Modified on November 14, 2010

  • Description and goals

    How do you make an exhibition about minerals, with a challenging
    budget, interesting for a very varied target audience?

    With the in house team including and the exhibition’s curator, we recognised his unique personality and created his alter ego, Dr Rock. The team developed a storyline that he had been secretly working in a long lost gallery in the museum, only just discovered by the authorities, during building works. Visitors are invited to explore this “recent” find to discover his mineral collections and experiments.

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Dr Rock Rock's

by Mark Magidson - February 06, 2010

Please check out dr.rocks.blogspot.com for Dr Rock’s frankly mad experiments.

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