dana schloss

  • What I do, where I work

  • design and prototype exhibits. i am currently an exhibit developer working on the new science centre project at the calgary science centre.

  • Current position

  • exhibit developer at new science centre project 2011 // calgary science centre

Earlier positions

  • museum educator and exhibit maintenance at museum of the moving image

  • freelance prototyping at lots of places

  • exhibit designer and prototyper at quatrefoil associates

  • instructor: materials and methods class at university of the arts // museum exhibition planning and design

  • More about me

  • i am a designer, maker, and museum nerd. i am thrilled with my current job developing exhibits at the calgary science centre where we pilot a few exhibits a week, play with visitors, and brainstorm about how to make a science centre that doesn’t suck.

    museums i have visited recently that blew my mind:
    the gopher hole museum in torrington, alberta. seriously, you should come visit and see this place.
    the gopher hole museum is in a tiny house and it’s dark (like a gopher hole). there are about 20 dioramas of taxidermied gophers doing every day things like buying groceries, farming alfalfa, collecting butterflies, riding motorcycles… there is even a gopher curator fighting with a gopher PETA protester about whether to have a museum of stuffed gophers.