Dan Cieloha

  • What I do, where I work

  • I’m an educator and facilitator, a specialist in learning, with more than 35 years experience in creating, assessing, and evaluating experientially-based learning environments for children, youth, and adults. I have extensive experience in early childhood, informal, and special education, curriculum development, as well as youth development, education policy analysis, and organizational development that gives me unique perspectives and powerful insights into how and why people learn. In all of my work, my most urgent concern is to ensure that the learning environments and materials we create foster the interactive involvement of all learners in actively constructing their own knowledge and understanding.

    I’m Founding Principal of CDC Evaluation & Development, a consulting, training, content and materials development group I began in 1985. In our work with museum users, staffs, boards, architects, exhibit designers and other project stakeholders, my firm contributes to the development and evaluation of museums and museum exhibits and educational programs.

  • Current position

  • Principal at CDC Evaluation & Development


  • More about me

  • Front-end Assessment & Evaluation
    CDC specializes in bringing diverse stakeholder groups together to create a common vision for organizations and projects. I facilitate thoughtfully and listen respectfully and carefully; I’m experienced in effectively facilitating the involvement and self-empowerment of Native American, Latino, African-American, Asian, and Pacific Island people in these processes.

    Exhibit Design
    As a collaborator in exhibit design, I bring my expertise in learning, child development, and human social interaction to the creation of dynamic engaging exhibits that promote active learning and are developmentally and educationally appropriate and challenging for adults, youth, and children, including people with special needs.

    Exhibit Evaluation
    CDC E & D creates and implements evaluations—formative, and summative as well as prototype and post-installation exhibit impact evaluation studies—that help ensure that exhibits do what museum stakeholders and exhibit designers intend them to do.

    Education Programs
    CDC designs programs and creates high-quality ancillary educational materials that stimulate and deepen children’s, young people’s, and adults’ learning experiences at museums, visitors centers and in other informal learning environments.

    Museum Development
    CDC E & D also designs and implements strategic planning initiatives that 1) bring together diverse stakeholders, 2) educate regarding all aspects of museum development, 3) foster the construction and maintenance of a common vision and understanding of their mission, and 4) engender high levels of commitment and enthusiasm for the organization and implementation of its strategic plan.

    I’m also President of the Partnership for Interactive Learning (www.vpil.org), one of New England’s leading non-profit organizations dedicated to the development of children’s social and thinking skills. In the fields of evaluation, formal, and informal education, I consult for a variety of private and public companies, organizations, and institutions.