Constantin Severin

  • What I do, where I work

  • Visual Artist and Writer, Library of Bucovina, Suceava, Romania


  • Librarian at Library of Bucovina


  • More about me

  • Constantin Severin was born on the 8th of February 1952, in Baia de Arama, Romania.
    He is a visual artist, member of the International Art Group 3rd Paradigm and of European Artists Association, Velbert, Germany. He is also a writer, member of the Romanian Writers’ Union.

    He has published over 800 articles, essays and interviews on culture, art theory and criticism, as well as on other issues of Romanian and international interest. He is the theorist and promoter of archetypal expressionism and of post -literature, in essays published on the site of the well known Saatchi Gallery, London. The first concept concerns contemporary art, the latter the philosophy of culture.

    He had over 18 solo and group shows in Romania, Germany, USA, France, Finland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and the Republic of Moldavia. Three of his solo shows have been promoted by EuroNews.
    UNESCO Ambassador of eurointegration through art. Excellence Award offered by the City Hall of Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania. Artworks in public museums of art from Romania and private collections from Romania, Germany, USA, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Italy, Great Britain, etc.