Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells

Part of Exhibition: Transportation Gallery

Topic: Physical Sciences Subtopic: Energy

Case Study

of an Exhibit

by Jim Spadaccini

Published on April 09, 2007, Modified on December 04, 2015

  • Description and goals

    Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells is a computer-based interactive exhibit developed by California Science Center and Ideum. The exhibit in-depth information in three basic areas: “How fuel cells work” uses 3D animation to explain the chemical reaction that makes electricity from hydrogen with no emissions, and the origin of the hydrogen fuel. “Fuel cells in California” looks at population growth and the increase in the number of vehicles as contributing to air quality problems, explains how smog is formed, and provides a near real time daily smog report for Los Angeles basin. Interviews with experts in the field address the benefits as well as the challenges of fuel cell technology for transportation. “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” looks at the surprisingly long history of fuel cells science and technology which began as far back as 1838. It also provides the latest fuel cell news live from the Internet, ensuring that the content is always up-to-date.

    The exhibit was developed using Macromedia Director, web pages were embedded within the program. The news stories were “stripped” of outside links before they were embedded. Both the polling and news pages have administrative controls allowing California Science Center personnel to update the materials. These features were developed using PHP.

    Clean Power is part of the permanent Transportation Gallery which offers a variety of hands-on experiences under the general theme of “turning fuel into motion.” Clean Power won a Bronze AAM MUSE Award in 2005.

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