claire simonet

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  • I’m an exhibition designer junior. I’m trying to start my design activity in France while looking for a job. I am graduated in Museum and Exhibition design (MA) at the University of Lincoln (UK).


  • designer at communaute de communes ocean marais de monts

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  • I’m looking for advices and exchanges of ideas and point of views to improve my knowledge about exhibition and also to be more convincing in my country. I have no website yet (just start on the market) but got a portfolio online :

  • Zaragoza museums

    Zaragoza museums


    by claire simonet Published November 26 2007

    With the "EXPO Zaragoza 2008" coming, i visited Zaragoza last month and discovered interesting museums. The best one is the "Theatro de Caesaraugusta". The museum is an open-air archaelogic site (a roman theater) in the middle of the city centre. It is...