Christine Reich

  • What I do, where I work

  • I work at the Museum of Science, where I have been for over 10 years. I began my career as a museum educator, and then I became an exhibit planner and worked on exhibitions that reflected the principles of universal design. Currently, I oversee research and evaluation efforts related to informal learning at the Museum of Science, with a focus on issues of equity and access for persons with disabilities.

Recent publications & presentations

  • "The power of universal design: Building an accessible exhibition."   Dimensions

    July 2000

  • "Museums as forum: Engaging science center visitors in dialogue with scientists and one another."   Informal Learning Review

    July 2006

  • "How the affordances of materials affect visitors’ interactions with an exhibit."   Visitor Studies Today


  • "Museums, accessibility and evaluation: Access to learning for all."   Visitor Studies Today


  • "Sharing ‘secrets’: Creating exhibition content for adults."   Dimensions

    July 2003

  • "Exhibition accessibility and the senior visitor."   Journal of Museum Education


  • Secrets of Aging

    Secrets of Aging

    Case Study

    by Christine Reich Published November 16 2007

    Secrets of Aging explored what social science and biological research tells us about aging. There were four sections in this exhibit: Body, Mind, Society, and Longevity. The Body section provided information on how different parts of the body, such...

  • Making Models

    Making Models

    Case Study

    by Christine Reich Published April 18 2007

    For more than a decade, the Museum of Science was engaged in a major, long-term exhibition plan called "Science is an Activity" that aimed to engage visitors in activities that fostered science thinking skills. Making Models was the fourth and final...