Ceres Gibson

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am head mistress of telephone communications and copier operations(aka Administrative Assistant) at the Association of Science-Technology Centers in Washington, DC.

  • Current position

  • Administrative Assistant at ASTC


  • More about me

  • Formerly a student of Biology and Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I am currently the person who answers the phone when you call ASTC headquarters in DC. That’s right, all that learnin’, and I’m still a secretary. Vengeance will be mine soon with a dual degree in Dental Hygiene and Biochemistry at Howard University in 2008! In the mean time, I’m getting my science kick from all the wonderful work you mad scientists and hatters are doing out there. As a full-time nerd, I signed up for this thing to learn more about all the exhibits I can’t afford to travel and see, but now I can read about them online. Hurray!