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Case Study

of an Exhibition

by Wendy Pollock

Published on April 10, 2007

  • Description and goals

    The exhibition introduced CB radio at a time when it was still a new phenomenon, using hands-on exhibits. Included were four functioning CB units visitors could use to talk with each other and two computers where they could learn about regulation of the radio spectrum (“Talk to Uncle Charlie”). Graphics described CB’s place in contemporary society (“Why CB is Important to Me”) and “CB Milestones.”

  • Exhibition Opened: October 1978

  • Traveling Exhibition: Yes

  • Size: Less than 1,000

  • Other funding source(s): Electronic Industries Association

Latest Comments (4)


by Jim Spadaccini - April 10, 2007

Wow this exhibit really captured the CB fad. Do you remember the movie Convoy? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077369

Retro exhibits

by Bryan Kennedy - April 23, 2007

I wonder if we will ever see old exhibits like this revived for a retro/reunion tour. I personally would love to see this as I grew up playing with the CB in my dad’s truck all the time.

Does anything of this exhibit still exist anywhere in the world?

The Old Days

by Scott Knauer - August 05, 2008

I miss the old days, when times were simpler, and CB Radio was at it’s peak.. Seems computer users have grown, but today cb radio is only a fraction as popular as it once was! It would be nice if we had exhibits like this again, however CB Radios have been sterotyped as being low technological break through, (which I disagree with) but it is still fun nonetheless!!! CB Radio will always be a favorite hobby of mine, and I encourage others that ever thought about giving the hobby a try, to dive in, as it can be tons of fun, and you can meet and make new friends!

Peanuts CB Shop

The New CB Radio

by Kevin Martin - January 06, 2009

Cb Radio is one hobby that keeps reinventing itself year after year. When introduced, cb radio was not designed to be a hobby. Today Cb Radio is still a multi million dollar industry yearly in America alone. Now in 2009 we have cb radios with bluetooth technology allowing you to take cell phone calls on your cb. We have cb radios with built in Mp3 Players and programmable display screens. We even have cb radio computer software that allows you to talk on a cb radio station linked through a computer.
Let us not forget the “11 years sunspot cycle” is again on the radio favorable rise. This sunspot activity makes world wide communications on cb radio with meek equipment possible for years at a time. The fun is just begining.

Big 10-4 and 73. CB Radio is here to stay!


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