Catherine McEver

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  • Independent consultant specializing in creative documentation for museums and strategic planning and program development for educational nonprofit organizations. Contact me at:


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  • Catherine McEver has established a successful track record as an independent consultant specializing in program design, staff training, group problem solving, strategic planning, and creative documentation. Over the past decade, Catherine McEver has applied her writing, graphic and design skills to creative documentation for museums. The documentation serves as a reference and resource guide as well as an effective means of reporting to funding sources, board members, key decision makers and the field at large. The focus ranges from program and exhibit development to museum-wide planning, cross-museum consortia, and symposiums designed to inform the field. McEver is coeditor with Kathleen McLean of the NSF-funded book, Are We There Yet? which examines the concept of best practices in science museum exhibitions, published in 2004 and available through the Association of Science-Technology Centers.

    McEver’s background in innovative approaches to education has encompassed curriculum design, teacher training and program development, including design of a series of award-winning national demonstration projects for inner-city youth for the Department of Labor, the U.S. Office of Education, and the National Alliance of Business. She honed her skills in group facilitation, problem solving, and consensus decision making as researcher, writer, and trainer on a series of pioneer projects on problem solving and educational leadership funded by the Carnegie Corporation. She is author of The Strategy Notebook, a compendium of problem solving strategies published by Interaction Associates, and a contributor to the how-to guide, Making Meetings Work.