Bryan Condra

  • What I do, where I work

  • I’m the senior exhibit designer and fabricator at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture in Richmond, Virginia.


  • Senior Exhibit Designer at Virginia Museum of History & Culture

  • Exhibit Designer at Riggs Ward Design

  • General Manager + Exhibit Designer at Velocity Motorcycles

  • Visiting Designer at Smithsonian Institution OEC

  • Gallery Manager + Fabricator at Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Assistant Exhibit Designer at Chrysler Museum of Art

  • Production Designer at K&D Productions

  • More about me

  • As a visual communicator I draw upon my experiences, expectations and memories to direct my process of how I interpret the visual imagery around me and how I translate those images into a language that is dynamic and passionate. As an artist, I’ve learned how to respond to a challenge by creating impressions that energize, inspire and enlighten the creative spirit. As an exhibit designer I’ve explored how visual imagery can be communicated in an exciting and informative way, inviting the viewer to open the doors of perception. Patterns, rhythms and spectrums of color make connections that solve problems and create a visual dialogue that challenges the viewer by presenting a story that is dynamic, accurate and exciting above all else.

    And I love and build hot rods and vintage motorcycles!