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  • I work at the Exploratorium. I lead a group called Group Six, which includes some of our artists, the PIE program, the Center for Informal Learning and Schools, and science networks like NISE-Net and a partnership with NOAA. My own work focuses on researching learning in informal settings, leading professional development programs for informal educators, and combining these two such that the work of informal educators is the research. A major effort of Group Six, right now, is designing a public “making” space, and using it as a professional development lab for the field to experiment with learning design and facilitation approaches.


  • Director, CILS at Exploratorium


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  • evidence and argumentation

    evidence and argumentation


    by Bronwyn Bevan on March 26, 2010

    Hi. I'm looking for recommendations on exhibit work that has aimed to engage visitors with the nature of scientific evidence and argumentation. A search on these terms came up empty. Does anybody...