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Raise the Roof: An Exhibit About Buildings

February 28th, 2013 by ExhibitFiles

Explore the secret life of buildings. From classical physics to new findings in environmental science, from deeply held cultural beliefs to spectacular feats of engineering, buildings reveal fascinating stories of human ingenuity and science.

Raise the Roof is a lively look at structures we depend upon, but rarely think much about. With its intriguing, hands-on activities and vivid images, it’s sure to challenge your visitors to examine their own interactions with these every day wonders.

In Raise the Roof, visitors will investigate the foundations of architecture and engineering. They’ll step over the threshold of an authentic Mongolian house, listen as their voices are carried to distant concert halls or their very own living rooms, use a dollhouse model to create the deadly conditions for carbon monoxide poisoning! Visitors will be drawn from one activity to the next to personally witness the principles involved in establishing, sustaining, and living in buildings of all kinds.

Exhibit Name Raise the Roof: An Exhibit About Buildings
Exhibit Topic Science
Exhibit Opened 1997
Price $35,000 US for 12 week booking
Exhibit Size 2000 – 2500 Sq. Feet
Museum Name The Science Museum of Minnesota
Museum Focus Science
Contact Name Bill Maloney
Contact Email bmaloney@smm.org
Contact Phone 651-221-4737
Contact City Saint Paul
Contact Country United States
Websites http://www.smm.org/travelingexhibits/roof

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