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Disease Detectives

March 4th, 2013 by ExhibitFiles

You hear about infectious diseases in the news – new diseases emerging, old ones re-emerging and resistant bacteria. What does it all mean? This exhibition explores the world of infectious diseases through the eyes of professionals.

Disease Detectives is a new traveling exhibition from the Science Museum of Minnesota that puts visitors in the role of infectious-disease fighting detectives.

This immersive exhibition invites visitors to investigate a case by meeting a series of patients, interpreting their lab tests and exploring an environment to learn more about infectious disease transmission and prevention. Each case highlights a different mode of disease transmission and the relevant illnesses.

The exhibit features 1,500 square feet in four distinct sections: Introduction and history area, food and water-borne area, airborne area and the vector-bourne area.

Exhibit Name Disease Detectives
Exhibit Topic Life Sciences
Exhibit Opened 2008
Price $30,000 US for 12 week bookin
Exhibit Size 1,500 – 2,000 Sq. Feet
Museum Name The Science Museum of Minnesota
Museum Focus Science
Contact Name Bill Maloney
Contact Email bmaloney@smm.org
Contact Phone 651-221-4737
Contact City Saint Paul, MN
Contact Country United States
Websites http://www.smm.org/travelingexhibits/disease

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