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Be the Dinosaur

May 30th, 2013 by ExhibitFiles

Be The DinosaurBe the Dinosaur is a one of a kind exhibit, featuring the world’s first accurately rendered Cretaceous environment, and allows visitors to assume the role of a dinosaur in this incredibly detailed setting. Also included are a range of traditional components, fossil replicas, touch screen interactives, Pre-K focused components, and large theatrical elements to dress out the hall. In addition to the obvious educational aspects relating to dinosaurs, the simulation and supporting components also provide a range of educational content about ecosystems, food webs, predator-prey relationships and numerous other general biology and ecology lessons. In terms of interactivity and engagement of visitors, there is simply no comparable exhibit in the world. The content also integrates seamlessly with other dinosaur content you may already have in your facility, and we have done a number of combined shows with other well known dino exhibit vendors.

The show is modular in nature, and can be scaled to fit any size hall and any budget. Setup is fast and easy and staffing requirements are less than an hour per day for start up and shut down.

To learn more or schedule a showing at your institution please visit our website or contact Mark Kirby directly.

Exhibit Name Be the Dinosaur
Exhibit Topic Earth & Space Sciences
Exhibit Opened 2009
Price SMEC Schedule Fall, Summer, Spring Dates Available
Exhibit Size 1,500 – 12,000 Sq. Feet
Museum Name Eureka Exhibits, LLC
Museum Focus Science
Contact Name Mark Kirby
Contact Email kirby@eurekaexhibits.com
Contact Phone 908-644-3477
Contact City Greenville
Contact Country United States
Websites http://www.eurekaexhibits.net/our-exhibits/be-the-dinosaur/

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