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Climate Change in Our World

December 23rd, 2013 by ExhibitFiles

Climate Change in Our WorldGary Braasch’s photographic exhibition “Climate Change in Our World” engages visitors on a journey across the globe where climate change is affecting landscapes and changing people’s lives. Each 40×60 inch color print is informed by scientific research, showing scientists at work collecting data, and locations ranging from the Arctic to Bangladesh and the Great Barrier Reef, where climate change is already having an effect. The show ends with images of some of the actions being taken to reduce global warming pollution and limit the effects of climate change.  The show also comes with a 100-image self-captioned digital slide show of images of climate science and changes, 2000-2013, for display on large digital screens.  The result is an inviting show of large color prints and dramatic images which provides a fascinating overview of global warming of interest to curious adult audiences, families and school groups.

“Climate Change in Our World” first was first exhibited at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Headquarters in Washington DC.  At the opening of that show, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology Dr. John Holdren — who was previously professor of environmental policy at Harvard and director of the Woods Hole Research Center — called Braasch’s work the “best example of science art and education.”  The exhibit run was extended twice by the AAAS, the nation’s largest scientific organization, due to public attendance and to keep the issue in the forefront in the Nation’s Capitol. Extended captions for each photo were scientifically reviewed for accuracy by staff of the AAAS.  These accurate captions were updated for the 2013 run at the Boston Museum of Science, which was extended twice and featured over the summer and Holiday high-traffic periods.  Museum figures show “Temporary Exhibits and Attendance — Climate Change in Our World — 611,051″  as attendance over the 194 days on exhibit, June 2013-January 2014.

Gary Braasch is an international environmental photojournalist with wide experience in reporting on and photographing natural history, science and environmental issues. He has written two books on climate change and his images and stories have been published by the United Nations, major news websites, magazines ranging from Scientific American to Vanity Fair, and as postage stamps and iPhone and iPad apps. The images selected for the exhibit are among the most riveting and illuminating from Braasch’s 14-year project “World View of Global Warming.” Many of them were originally published in his book Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World,  published by University of California Press in paper and e-book in 2009.

One of the images in “Climate Change in Our World” is also included in the group show “Vanishing Ice,” Whatcom Museum, Bellingham WA, (2013-14) for which the curator wrote in the catalog: “A twenty-first century artist-naturalist-explorer, Braasch updates the tradition of early artists’ contributions to expedition journals.”  Other aspects of Braasch’s climate science documentation have previously been exhibited at the Field Museum, Chicago, and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

“Climate Change in Our World”  is designed to travel to museums and public venues, with future plans to expand and update the images and include interactive elements and outdoor public venue images (funding being sought).

Also available (additional fee) is a companion traveling exhibit for kids, parents and school groups, “How We Know About Our Changing Climate,” which highlights how scientists learn about climate change.  Images in this 30-print show are from the multiple award winning book How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming (Dawn Publications), and are designed to teach and inspire school groups and families. Also available are short films of kids taking action about climate in the series “Young Voices for the Planet” by environmental children’s book author Lynne Cherry, who is is co-author of the book.

Exhibit Name Climate Change in Our World
Exhibit Topic Climate change, global warming, photography
Exhibit Opened 2009
Price $2500 per month
Exhibit Size 100 – 150 Linear Feet
Museum Name World View of Global Warming
Contact Name Gary Braasch
Contact Email Gary@braaschphotography.com
Contact Phone (503) 860-1228
Contact City Portland, Oregon
Contact Country United States
Websites http://www.mos.org/exhibits/climate-change

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