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Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed

August 5th, 2013 by ExhibitFiles

In Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, your visitors will discover what archaeologists know about the ancient Maya, as well as the unresolved questions they continue to investigate.

The ancient Maya are one of the most complex and advanced civilizations of the ancient world, well known for their monumental architecture and distinctive art styles, their intricate knowledge of astronomy and time-reckoning, their complex political organization headed by royal dynasties, and their writing systems, some of the most sophisticated in the ancient world. Although much is known about the Maya elite, popular information about their working classes is less accessible. Recent archaeological discoveries have begun to shed more light on everyday domestic life and the relationships of non-elites to the ruling class.

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed will explore the fascinating social, natural and spiritual realms of the ancient Maya through the eyes of powerful kings and queens and the lesser-known people who were the backbone of Maya society. It will feature immersive environments, authentic artifacts, and hands-on activities that tell the story of the ancient Maya and their modern descendants.

Developed, designed and built by the Science Museum’s exhibit team, Maya is the largest exhibition about the ancient Maya ever to tour in the United States.

Exhibit Name Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed
Exhibit Topic Culture
Exhibit Opened 2013
Price 28 week booking/ contact for terms
Exhibit Size 12,000 – 15,000 Sq. Feet
Museum Name The Science Museum of Minnesota
Museum Focus Science
Contact Name Bill Maloney
Contact Email bmaloney@smm.org
Contact Phone 651-221-4737
Contact City Saint Paul, MN
Contact Country United States
Websites http://www.smm.org/travelingexhibits/maya