Exhibitions designed to be mobile

July 20th, 2011 by Wendy Pollock

NAME Journal, Exhibitionist, Spring 2011 issueThe National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME) is seeking articles for the Spring 2012 of its journal, Exhibitionist, about exhibitions designed to be mobile. This includes:

  • traveling exhibitions in the traditional sense – designed by an organization or consortium and sent on the road to a number of venues
  • museum-sponsored vans or buses that extend a museum’s reach in its community or state
  • “pop up” exhibitions- created by one or more designers or by visitors themselves – that appear in neighborhoods or other venues, not necessarily museums.

If you’re interested, send an abstract by August 1st to editor Gretchen Jennings. In 250 words maximum, briefly describe your article; how it relates to issue theme; your background/qualifications for writing the article. Abstracts will be vetted by our editorial advisory board, and you will be notified of acceptance or non/acceptance within several weeks.

For back issues of the journal, visit the NAME website.

Contact: Gretchen Jennings, Exhibitionist Editor, gretchenjennings[at]rcn.com.
Abstract deadline: August 1, 2011.

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