Stories from the Boston Children’s Museum

March 17th, 2010 by Wendy Pollock

Practicing bubblemaking: a child explores an exhibit at the Boston Children's MuseumThere are some influences that run so deep, we may forget where they came from and how they got started. Like the use of everyday materials in exhibits, and the deep belief in the value of tinkering and messing about.

Boston Stories, a website that’s being lovingly created by Mike Spock and colleagues, promises to help us remember one very important influence on the museum scene – the Boston Children’s Museum and all those who were part of what George Hein calls “an optimistic time.” Check it out.

At right, in an image from the website’s archives, a child explores an exhibit and practices blowing bubbles.

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  1. Elaine Heumann Gurian Says:

    It was a priviledge to work at the Boston Children’s Museum under Michael Spock and a surprisingly useful exercise to remember that time and write about it. I was skeptical that doing so might just be self-referential but I am not sure now. It is our collective hope that what we have remembered might be useful to those who are practicing today.

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