Pure gold

October 31st, 2009 by Wendy Pollock

ExhibitFiles members gathered in Forth Worth October 30 to celebrate the growth of the community and its collective resources over the last year.

Tom Nielsen of Tucson and Jason Jay Stevens of San Antonio received this year’s “golden” awards in recognition of their recent contributions.

Tom wrote in July about his recollections of soap bubble exhibits at the Exploratorium. “‘Exploratorium’, I think, nails it—exploration for the joy of it, up to your elbows in soapy water, shoulder to shoulder with other visitors. If there are discoveries, if there is learning, if test scores improve, fine. But without exploration there’s nothing.” Tom also wrote earlier about the Experimentarium’s Giant Ears and Seeing the Light.

In his reviews, Jason has shared his observations about exhibitions from upstate New York to Los Angeles, including the Goodbye Parade that closes every day at Rochester’s Strong National Museum of Play, the “old-fashioned charm” of the Velaslavasay Panorama and St. Louis’s City Museum, “profoundly profuse with risk.”

Many thanks to Tom, Jason, and all of the members of ExhibitFiles who are contributing to our collective memories.

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