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Power users

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 by Wendy Pollock

In October, we recognized the contributions of two ExhibitFiles power-users during a gathering at the ASTC Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Paul Orselli, a self-described instigator and principal of Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!), was among the group of exhibit developers who guided early planning of this site, and one of the first to contribute a review (check out Toasters, posted in April 2007 – and his 8 other case studies and reviews).

Gretchen Jennings was also among the early advisors, and her case studies of Psychology and Invention at Play provided models for others to follow. As editor of Exhibitionist, journal of the AAM’s committee on exhibitions, NAME, she – along with Beth Redmond-Jones, Penny Jennings, Eric Siegel, and others – has looked for ways to make this site useful to NAME members. And she’s spread word about the site through presentations to groups outside of the United States.

To them, and to all of our other 960+ members, thank you for so generously contributing to our common fund of knowledge and experience.