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Almost ALPHA

Thursday, December 14th, 2006 by Jim Spadaccini

We’ve been hard at work building out some of the major features of the site. However, there’s not much we can share during this part of the process, so we haven’t been blogging.

We have made great progress, we have functional forms and a database that is collecting information. We’ll soon be adding the ability to comment and we’re still, of course, squashing bugs. The ALPHA site will be available in early January. We will post a message, and at that time, you can email us for access to try the site out.

Ruby on Rails (the framework that we are using to build the site) presented some challenges at first, but we are becoming increasingly confortable in the environment. Overall, it does some things really well, while other tasks have been made more difficult. The rails community online has been helpful, posts like Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing in Rails have helped us work through some unexpected problems.

The ALPHA site will run for the entire month of January. During that month we’ll be working on finalizing design details and looking at how to best present, search, and sort the information in the collection. In our next post, we’ll invite you to check out the ALPHA.