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Case Studies and Reviews

Thursday, September 7th, 2006 by Jim Spadaccini

In looking to collect materials about the exhibit/exhibition design process we found ourselves focusing on case studies and reviews. Case studies will be descriptions of projects that a contributor worked on, while reviews are descriptions of exhibits/exhibitions that a contributor observed.

This idea originated in the design workshop in Berkeley in June, and it has stuck with us ever since. There was some discussion that reviews might seem too formal, but given the changing nature of the term it seems appropriate. Afterall, anyone can write a review on Amazon or similar sites.

The use of the terms exhibit and exhibition was also discussed. Exhibit for some, can mean an entire exhibition. To be clear, our use of the term exhibit denotes an individual exhibition component, while the term exhibition refers to a collection of exhibits. For the ExhibitFiles site, we’re looking to collect case studies and reviews on both exhibits and larger exhibitions.

We’ve outlined the following “path” members would use as they begin the process of adding content to the ExhibitFiles site….

What would you like to add to

A case study
of an individual exhibit
or an entire exhibition
that I worked on.

A review
of an individual exhibit
or an entire exhibition
that I saw in person.

By making a selection, a member would then go to the appropriate form. We’ve tried to make the language as clear as possible. Case studies are to be authored by someone involved in the development process. Reviews should be authored by individuals who have actually seen the exhibit or exhibition (not just those who’ve read the case study).

Below check out the PDF that includes details of the basic mockups of the forms. This is a working document, these are not final designs. We’d appreciate any comments that you might have.

Case Studies and Reviews v.6 (PDF 260k)