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Personal Profiles

Monday, August 28th, 2006 by Jim Spadaccini

Since ExhibitFiles will be a community-built website, it was decided early on to require a membership (it will be free) for authoring and commenting. Since our design workshop, we’ve been actively exploring how we might structure “personal profiles” within the ExhibitFiles community.Based on the comments from the design workshop and our group of advisors, we’ve outlined the following elements as part of ExhibitFiles profile:—-NameWhat I do, where I workWhat I’ve done in the past (multiple-no more than five)City, State, CountryEmailExhibitFiles password (repeat password)Website(s) (multiple-no more than three)More about me (text area)My image (upload a JPEG or PNG)Resume and/or portfolio (upload a PDF, doc, or URL)What I’ve added to ExhibitFiles (automatically populates once a user adds content to the site)Things I’ve bookmarked in ExhibitFiles (automatically populates once a user bookmarks files in the site)Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Email Use Agreement (check box)—–The purpose of the profiles is to allow ExhibitFile members to connect with each other, but also to learn from one another. We’re hoping that the “What I’ve added to ExhibitFiles” and “Things I’ve bookmarked in ExhibitFiles” will provide additional ways to access the “records” (the content of the ExhibitFiles site).Finding a balance between enough information and too much is an ongoing challenge in planning for the site. Too much and no one will want to fill in lengthy forms, not enough and we may be leaving out valuable information.The profiles (and language used) are intentionally informal and brief. We’re hoping that ExhibitFiles users will post additional information (resumes and porfolios) and/or link to additional sources using the “Website(s)” element. We’re not looking to recreate LinkedIn (who were part of our Competitive Analysis), but rather to create profiles that have a balance between professional in and personal information.As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them here.

Front-end study: a commitment to the common good

Monday, August 14th, 2006 by Wendy Pollock

Exhibits people have been giving generously of their time to advise about development of the ExhibitFiles site. Earlier this year, 17 of them spoke with interviewers from Randi Korn & Associates about the exhibit development process, the resources they draw on in their work, and what they’d find useful in this new site.

Most striking to me is their extraordinary generosity of spirit. Most said they would be willing to share descriptions, photos, evaluations, lessons learned, final budgets, and other material. The reasons for their willingness to share: a commitment to collegiality and collaboration and, to quote the report, “a desire to build a learning community and avoid reinventing the wheel.” We look forward to hearing from others about what they would find useful, and ways they hope to contribute.

Front-End Study (PDF 163K)