Competitive Analysis

July 7th, 2006 by Jim Spadaccini

While much of the early planning was, as Wendy has already mentioned in a post, “guided by conversations with colleagues, brief surveys, and analysis of listsev records” –we also conducted what’s known as a competitive analysis.

While the ExhibitFiles site doesn’t have any “competitors,” there is much to be learned from other websites that house collections, have members, and do the things we’re looking to do online.

We looked a wide-range of sites, from AIGA Design Archives to The Getty Explore Art and the PPS Image Gallery. We also explored websites well out of our realm, since they contained features or qualities that we hope to emulate: Boxes and Arrows, flickr, Linked in, ma.gnolia, ODEO and Veer.

Exploring these sites really helped move along the design process; in particular it helped us identify in part, potential features for the ExhibitFiles site. Next week, I’ll be posting a summary of design meeting in which our core contributors looked at and evaluated these features.

Competitive Analysis PDF (1.3 meg)

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  1. Ideum Weblog » Blog Archive » ExhibitFiles: Development Blog Says:

    [...] For now, we’ve created a development blog for the project partners to post evaluation and design documents and to solicit feedback from our core contributors and others in the field. It just went up yesterday but we’ve already posted a few things that might be of interest. The Welcome message describes the ExhibitFiles project in more depth, a User Needs Assessment Summary provides information about the potential users of the site, and our own Competitive Analysis document explores some of the potential features of the ExhibitFiles website. [...]

  2. bryan kennedy Says:

    Looks like the link to the PDF is broken. It gave me a 404 error.

  3. Jim Spadaccini Says:

    The link is working now.


  4. Jenny Sayre RAMBERG Says:

    I think this a a very interesting competitive analysis however the exclusion of Zoolex, a website that shares exhibit information on zoo and aquarium exhibitions, will send a message to zoo and aquarium colleagues. In the interest of building better and shared communication between science and technology museums and zoos, aquariums and botanic gardens, I recommend that Zoolex is added to your competitive analysis.

    Jenny Sayre RAMBERG
    Monterey Bay Aquarium

  5. Jim Spadaccini Says:

    Yes, we’ve been paying special attention to Zoolex ( and thank you for bringin it to our attention. The competitive analysis was done prior to our Berkeley meeting, so we just didn’t know about it at the time.

    We’ve had some internal conversations about this site and it really is the closest thing out there to what we’re hoping to put together.


  6. Exhibit Files Blog » Blog Archive » Personal Profiles Says:

    [...] The profiles (and language used) are intentionally informal and brief. We’re hoping that ExhibitFiles users will post additional information (resumes and porfolios) and/or link to additional sources using the “Website(s)” element. We’re not looking to recreate LinkedIn (who were part of our Competitive Analysis), but rather to create profiles that have a balance between professional in and personal information. [...]