Tactile maps



by Wendy Pollock

Published on February 03, 2010

  • I saw this map at the Chicago Botanic Garden last fall. It’s pleasing to look at and touch. But I think words could add to its interest and give a sighted member of a group something to read aloud. I wonder if others have examples of tactile maps to share here?

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Keep it simple, please

by Nigel Briggs - February 10, 2010

Why add features? This happens all the time in design reviews and almost always leads to mediocrity. It seems to me that the map is useful, and elegant, as it is.

Adding this to my "bag-o-tricks"

by Dave Stroud - February 16, 2010

I am keeping this in mind for future projects! I have not noticed this type of map beforere, but I bet I have seen them. Thanks for pointing it out.

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