Talk-back Station Solution?



by Geoff Nunn

Published on August 20, 2015

  • I was wondering if anyone can recommend software for creating digital talkback stations similar to this one created at the Gates Foundation visitor center.

    I spoke with some folks involved in this particular example, and unfortunately their custom solution was both extremely expensive and extremely high maintenance. We are hoping to find something off the shelf, or at least more easily customized.

    Ideally, we would want a talk-back system to have the following characteristics:
    - Capable of full-text answers.
    - Bonus if it allows for photo or video responses
    - Text filtering option to weed out inappropriate answers (auto check for curse words, etc.)
    - Input via a stand-alone kiosk with QWERTY keyboard (many existing systems use custom input devices)
    - No response cap, or if there is a cap it should automatically drop the oldest response and add the newest
    - Purchasable outright. Many vendors operate on a monthly fee system that is unsustainable for permanent exhibits
    - Exportable response data
    - Multiple answers allowed from single input kiosk
    - Able to be skinned to match museum branding

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