Call for collaboration: "Voice" exhibition under development



by Agnes Ruiz

Published on August 30, 2011

  • Universcience is developing a temporary exhibition about voice. At the crossroads of various disciplines, between art, science and technology, the project turns to a fun and sensorial dimension, where the visitor is in the mean time the object and subject of the study.

    The voice has been seldom studied in itself in art and science exhibitions. The exhibition will be structured around five themes: the vocal production (biological sciences), the voice perception (social studies), great voices and vocal techniques (art and culture dimension), care and pathologies (medical sciences) and technical audio processes (engineering sciences).

    Universcience is now looking for partners and co-producers interested in such transverse theme. Exhibition pre-rental is also possible. Every kind of collaboration will be considered.

    For more information and if you are interested in this project, please contact us:
    (please write the theme of the exhibition in the title of your e-mail).

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by Constantin Severin - October 20, 2011

Nice project, good luck! I think this is close to the concept of post-literature…In February 2003, I published in TRANS magazine, Vienna, my own theory on it, maybe it will be useful for you,

Saatchi Gallery also published it later, on its site.

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