Helping visitors develop critical sense for science news



by Wendy Pollock

Published on July 01, 2011

  • Thank you for sharing this detailed account of Zona-i, Francisco. Can you tell us how visitors have responded – especially to the big red “caution” button? What do you think has been most effective in achieving the goal of helping visitors develop critical skill in the face of so much news? This is especially relevant this week, after the release of the latest report on the fate of the world’s oceans (!

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The most successful exhibits of the Zona-i

by Francisco j. Franco del amo - July 07, 2011

The “Caution Button” is very popular. Looks like that our visitors are real “transgressors”. The truth is that they really enjoy the shut down and reset effect, and also the sense of humor of the cartoon. But the most successful exhibits are “Informa” (Inform) and “Choose”. For the visitors, to change the color of the whole exhibition just by expressing their opinion and to be able to broadcast yourself are very attractive and challenging actions. At the same time, I think that this exhibits are really effective helping visitors to stimulate their critical skills. “Choose” is good doing this because we have selected a lot of thorny questions related with the scientific news in the media. So, while playing the game people thinks about the controversial and less obvious aspects of the news. “Inform” is a good tool because to play with it you have to put yourself in the skin of a TV reporter, thinking about what aspects of an event deserve to be highlighted and which do not.

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