Designing Their Own Tools



by Natalie Rusk

Published on February 15, 2010

  • Although our group at the MIT Media Lab designed Scratch software to be a flexible tool for young people to create their own interactive programs, we continue to be amazed by the wide variety of projects created and shared on the Scratch website each day.

    One surprise has been the number of youth who have been designing software tools for others to use. For example, they have used Scratch to create their own versions of paint programs, calculators, word processors, game makers, and other tools. I was particularly surprised to discover that some children and teens have been creating designs for new computer operating systems. This image shows an example gallery of projects shared on the Scratch website.

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I had forgotten this...

by Dave Stroud - February 16, 2010

I first saw scratch about a year ago. My son and I played with it some, but it fell off our radar. I am going to mess with it some more! When I do programming at work (on a projector so guests can see) I am barraged with questions from kids about how they can participate, and particularly make games. I will be getting back into Scratch!


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