"ring of fire" in math midway



by Eric Siegel

Published on February 06, 2010

  • this is very cool. It is a 4 foot or so diameter ring, with four red laser leds set in every 90 degrees. A kind of horizontal splitter is installed over each laser led. This creates a thin plane of laser invisibly across the area of the circle. Then put your hand, or transparent plastic models, or your face, through this plane. The effect is very cool. Its an exhibit in the new, excellent, exhibition Math Midway now at the Hall and traveling soon

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Saw this at ASTC show

by Dave Stroud - February 16, 2010

This is cool. It draws section planes of any object inserted into the ring. Just one of the geometry exhibits in the Math Midway, can’t go wrong with interesting math related exhibits. They also have a “square wheels” tricycle. Fun stuff

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