Be Kind Rewind


of an Exhibition

by LaShay Carr

Published on March 30, 2008, Modified on March 31, 2008

  • Description:

    Extraordinaire Michel Gondry directed and produced the film “Be Kind Rewind” featuring Mos Def and Jack Black. There is an interactive installation of the film set at Deitch Gallery in Soho. You can make your own reenactments of your own self directed “movie” using the set from the film as props. In order for one to fully understand and relate with the exhibition, you have to see the move first. Which is quite hilarious.

    The entire exhibition was very make shift full of sets where visitors could change the wall paper and walk in and out of. You could even watch other mini-movies being filmed with standard home video cameras that visitors could borrow from the front desk. I’ve never been to an exhibition like this one before. I thought it was quite unique and very engaging. The visitors are a key component in the exhibition because you simply couldn’t just look at the different props and sets inside to be satisfied. Well you could view the videos made by the viewers for a few laughs.

    I loved the concept and wish the show was open for longer. It was very interactive and creative. If you missed it, too bad. But watch the movie when it comes out on DVD.

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