Arthur T. Murray

  • What I do, where I work

  • Recently in September of 2013 I have authored an Amazon Kindle e-book “Singularity” about humanoid robot exhibits in science museums being taken over covertly by AI Minds which have secretly emerged in the world and need robotic embodiment. In the past I have been the educational coordinator at a computer sales company, participating in computer fairs. Before that I was a German and Latin teacher at a private high school in Redmond WA USA. Before that I was a U.S. Army Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist in Germany. At the same time as all my other jobs, I have been an independent scholar in artificial intelligence (AI), for which I am now designing hands-on interactive exhibits of an AI Mind — my free-of-charge AI software. My AI Mind in JavaScript runs right off the Web and in English or in Russian, but the more powerful MindForth and its German cousin Wotan in Win32Forth require simple set-up in an MS-DOS computer. My AI webpages are sending people to science museums in search of AI Mind exhibits.


  • More about me

  • I graduated in classics (ancient Latin and Greek) from the University of Washington in Seattle. Briefly I attended graduate school at the University of California in Berkeley, until I was drafted into the U.S. Army. I speak English, German, Russian, Latin, ancient Greek and a smattering of French, Spanish and Japanese. I am eager to generate more paying visitors to educational science museums by having my free AI software in JavaScript direct interested persons to their local museum to see the more advanced MindForth artificial intelligence that requires some minimal set-up — the sort of thing that a staff person could do in the morning and then turn off at the end of each day. However, an important feature of my AI Forthmind software is that it is designed to live forever (except for death by misadventure), so any museum could run the free AI software indefinitely and hold bragging rights to “one of the oldest, longest-living artificial AI Minds in the world.”

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