AMNH history of display


of an Exhibition

by karen knutson

Published on August 05, 2008

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    This link was sent to a list serv and I thought it was such a valuable resource for us I wanted to be sure that it was saved to this archive. It’s a photo collection that documents the history of display and programs at the AMNH. If only we all had the time and inclination to file away our work like this! What a valuable tool for the field—thank you AMNH. There are some really great images of our museum education roots—and some classic museum exhibit styles here. Check it out!

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A fabulous image resource

by Daniel Spock - January 29, 2009

The pictures on this Website are a treasure trove revealing the history of exhibit display at one the world’s iconic museums. My favorite image is entitled “Display panel showing Common Fly Breeding Substances.” Check it out.

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