Alisa Singer

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am an environmental artist that creates contemporary digital paintings based on climate data. I created the venture, Environmental Graphiti, to use art as a vehicle to enhance public awareness about climate change. I provide art to universities, museums and non-profits on a cost basis. There are over 50 pieces in the series, “The Art of Climate Change”, each of which is based on a chart, graph, word or number based on a key fact about climate change. I am interested in making the collection available for exhibition at museums and other science centers.

  • Current position

  • artist at environmental graphiti


  • More about me

  • To learn more about my exhibits and collaborations with universities and others: http://www.environmentalgraphiti.org/associations/

    To see the gallery pages: http://www.environmentalgraphiti.org/series/ (Be sure to click once on each image to see image and data source or sketch side-by-side and again to see each full screen.)

Recent publications & presentations

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